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A. Library Skills:
Dewey Decimal System video: Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System
B. Animals:
Ants: Ant facts, Ant structure, Gakken's Ant EncyclopediaEndangered animals: Endangered Species, KidsPlanet Animal Fact Sheets
C. Colonial America:
Colonial House PBS site. Check out "would you have survived" and "dress me up." Colonial Williamsburg Trades Information from Colonial Williamsburg about different jobs people had during colonial times. Colonial Trades Written by students of Forest Oak Middle School in Gaithersburg, MD Old Sturbridge Village Try the online tour.
D. Rocks and minerals:Mineralogy 4 Kids Learn about rock cycles and properties. Interactives: Rock Cycles Create a rock collection as you learn about the three main types of rock, find out how to tell the different rock types apart, and see how rocks change from one type into another!

E. Rainforest:
Rainforest gallery of photos from National Geographic
Cool facts about the rainforest from National Geographic Kids

Reading and Language:
  1. Aesop's Fables Read or listen to over 650 fables, 127 Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen and several Grimms Fairy Tales! Learn story elements through this interactive site.
  2. Eye on Idioms a Read-Write-Think site
  3. Grammar Blast Practice your grammar skills with these quizzes.
  4. Idioms: American Idioms The idiom appears in blue type, the meaning of the idiom appears in pink type.
  5. Idioms: Idiom Dictionary Learn the meanings of dozens of idioms. Idioms are expressions that cannot be understood literally or by the individual meanings of the words. For example, if it's "raining cats and dogs" it means it's raining heavily. Cats and dogs are not actually falling from the sky!
  6. Idioms: Test your idiom knowledge! Click on #1 for the first quiz, then continue.
  7. Internet4Classrooms: Language Arts Skill Builders Links to skill builders by topic.

Math skills:
  1. AAA Math Great for practicing math concepts covered in third grade.
  2. Create A Graph Make an area, pie, bar or line graph.
  3. Fractions from Visual Fractions
  4. Fraction Model SEE what a fraction looks like!
  5. Funbrain Check out games listed under Numbers at bottom half of web page.
  6. Illuminations Activities NCTM tools include a spinner, fraction models, graphs, balancing tools, shape tools and more.
  7. Internet4Classrooms: Math Skill Builders Links are arranged by topic.
  8. Line Symmetry
  9. Maggie's Earth Adventure Help Maggie fly around the world!
  10. Mathlibs Fun way to practice multiplication!
  11. Practice multiplication tables, play math baseball, try online flash cards, etc.
  12. Choose the skill you want to practice.
  13. Rainforest Math
  14. Third grade math games From the site. After you click on a game, you can click on the MAYBE LATER button to play.
  15. Virtual Manipulatives Use online manipulatives to learn about patterns, graphs, fractions, geometry and more.
  16. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You decide how many problems, how many tries you get, and how big the numbers in the problems will be.

Sites for reading AND math skills:
  1. ABCya Introduces basic computer skills with math and reading practice.
  2. Funbrain Reading and math games
  3. Funschool Reading and math games by grade level
  4. Kidport Learning games include unscrambling words, creating poems and math problems
  5. Learning Planet This site has games grouped by grade level. It includes alphabet and math games, memory (concentration) games, online word searches, and games that require quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Books, authors and illustrators:
Author InterviewsWatch videos of many of your favorite authors on this Reading Rockets site.
Book AdventureRead a book, take a quiz, earn points and prizes! Read about new books, series books, classics, award winners and more!
Patricia PolaccoLearn about the author and illustrator of Thank You, Mr. Falker.
Toon Book Reader Read Toon books or have them read to you. Also has a fun cartoon maker!

Other sites:
Ancient Egypt Learn about mummies, build a pyramid, take a quiz and more!
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Braille Bug Learn about Louis Braille, who invented Braille at the age of 12. Find out what your name looks like written in braille. Decode secret messages!
Enchanted Learning Information, quizzes, and coloring pages about several topics including the rainforest, rocks and oceans.
Greek Mythology: Mythweb

Internet Safety:
Co-Co's Adversmarts Learn about advertising gimmicks used on the internet.
NetSmartz videos View Password and anti-virus raps
Professor Garfield's Lessons View Internet Safety and Cyberbullying