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Time for Kids

Christmas traditions around the world:
Australia, China, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden

Authors:Avi, Andrew Clements, Dan Gutman, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Gary Paulsen, J.K. Rowling, Louis Sachar, Jon Scieszka, Jerry Spinelli, Wendelin Van Draanen, Elvira WoodruffChildren's Book Authors and Illustrators on the Web Amazing list of links to information about hundreds of authors and illustrators.

Sources of Good Books:Book Hive: Your Guide to Children's Literature and BooksBook AdventureDatabase of Award Winning Children's LiteratureGuys ReadKidsReads.comPlanetEsmeAfter you find a good book, check the Culbertson Library catalog or the Delaware County Public Library catalog!

Visual Literacy:
Infographic about infographics
Giant omnibus of superpowers

U.S. History:
Underground Railroad
You Are the Historian Investigating the First Thanksgiving a Plimoth Plantation site with primary sources.
Scholastic: First Thanksgiving (site includes The Mayflower, Daily Life of Pilgrims and Wampanoag, The Thanksgiving Feast, Webquest)
You Be the Historian The Smithsonian Institution asks you to analyze items found by archeologists to determine what life was like for the Springer family who lived 200 years ago.

Some videos are available on the "U" drive. Try reading articles in World Book Kids for an introduction to your explorer, before using World Book Student or Grolier Online Encyclopedia.
Explorer scavenger hunt: **All About Explorers**This site has very interesting information about several explorers!

Language Arts:
  1. Vocabulary Games including analogies, idioms, word play, oxymoron games
  2. Idiom dictionary SCROLL DOWN past numerous ads to get to dictionary
  3. Punctuation: apostrophe game, comma game, capitalization, sentence clubhouse, wall of words

Internet Safety:
Jo Cool or Jo Fool? This Canadian website helps teach kids how to use the internet safely.iSafe Internet Safety Education GetNetWiseNetSmartz
Cyber Security Quiz This is also from the Canadian Media Smarts site
Mind Over Mechanics
Jibo: World's First Family Robot

How much would you weigh on another planet?How old would you be?
Astro-venture Search for and design a habitable planet. Wear headphones or turn the speakers on to listen to directions on this NASA site.

Information Fluency Evaluation Wizard type in review of website, hit PUBLISH to print
Website evaluation videos, instructions, and websites to practice evaluation (from Skyview Upper Library)

Other sites:
Author's viewpoint and author's viewpoint practice Choose a subject and answer the questions - rice is donated to the UN Food program for each correct answer.
Hurricane simulation from NPR (National Public Radio)